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I lived for those NYS hours on Saturday mornings, making glorious music with my friends in the orchestra, and yearned for longer rehearsals and more concerts. I will always be devoted to this orchestra and its growing chamber music program, and periodically slip back in to that familiar hall to see and hear those exuberant young artists. It is always a happy experience, reawakening treasured memories of my very first orchestra.

Dr. Bärli Nugent
1969-1972, flute

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Name: Jazz Zantay
Years active: 2005-2007
Instrument: flute
I am a grad student receiving my Masters in Music Ed at Manhattanville College. Among my best memories were Sat. mornings, rehearsing w/ a group of like-minded ppl who loved playing music. It wasn't until I went to college that I realized how special that experience was. Performing under Tara Simoncic was an amazing experience; I miss performing w/ a conductor who brought energy to every piece!

Name: Francesca Mellin (Day)
Years active: 1974-1978
Instrument: Violin
I think often of the wonderful experience I had with the Norwalk Youth Symphony. Highlights include performing a Mozart Horn Concerto with David Ohanian and participating in the world premiere of "Tobias and the Angel" by Castelnuevo-Tedesco. I currently play with the Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra and in pit orchestras for regional theater productions.

Name: Danielle Merlis
Years active: 2005-2008
Instrument: Cello

Name: Barli Nugent
Years active: 1969-1972
Instrument: flute
How I loved making glorious music with my NYS friends! I graduated from Juilliard, later a Stony Brook DMA; 20 years touring with the Aspen Wind Quintet; Marin Alsop's principal flute for 18 years in her Concordia Orchestra; taught at the Aspen Music Festival for 30 years; in 2001 shifted into full-time administration at Juilliard, where I am now the Assistant Dean and a member of the faculty.

Name: Stacey Severn (David)
Years active: 1977-1979
Instrument: piccolo, flute

Name: Darwin Shen
Years active: 1988-1989
Instrument: Violin

Name: Elizabeth Lockhart
Years active: 1988-1991
Instrument: Bass Clarinet
I loved my time in the NYS. It was a wonderful experience. Because of my instrument, I was able to play with both the Principal & Concert Orchestras. Mr. Fagin helped me by transposing bassoon parts, so that I could play in more pieces. I also met my best friend for life in Principal Orchestra. Jennifer Zych played clarinet with me. We did it again for the 50th & are looking forward to the 60th.

Name: Diane Lesser
Years active: 1969-1973

Name: Carol Sutton
Years active: 1971-1978
Instrument: viola
Highlights of my NYS include the World Premiere of Tobias and the Angel and the two trips to Lake Placid. Viola Power! I also remember the friends I made from all over the area and the panoramic view of Norwalk form the tower. The break was just long enough to do some exploring. :) I have been teaching for 30+ years, most of them at Greenwich High School. My son played cello for NYS.

Name: Beth Ameen
Years active: 1989-1991
Instrument: Clarinet
Music was quite possibly the most important and defining gift of my childhood, and being a part of NYS was a huge part of that. Bringing together children from all demographics and backgrounds to encourage and develop our mutual love of music was incredible. Since graduating from high school, I have sadly stopped playing clarinet (but hope to pick up an instrument again one day!)

Name: Jennifer Burkhalter (Chieffalo)
Years active: 1996-2003
Instrument: cello

Name: Christopher Burkhalter
Years active: 2000-2004
Instrument: Violin
NYS provided an opportunity to practice and perform high level orchestral repertory, in such a way that has created many find memories. My hope is that NYS is around for my children to have the same experience!

Name: Lesley Cooper (Klein)
Years active: 1978-1981
Instrument: Flute

Name: Moira Craw (Schur)
Years active: 1963-1968
Instrument: Flute
Graduated from Staples High. NYS was a big part of my music education. Attended Mannes College of Music and received BM in Flute performance from Michigan State. I have taught and performed music for 40 years, public and private. My studio is in my home in Wilton. I wrote a method book for the flute and am in the process of adapting the book for all the other woodwind and brass instruments.

Name: Madeleine Corliss (Craw)
Years active: 1990-1996
Instrument: Cello
After NYS and two wonderful experiences playing at Carnegie Hall (93 and 96), I majored in music and attended the Hartt school. I am an active musician, both in classical music and folk/rock in ct and NYC. I loved my years with NYS and feel that it paved the way toward many incredible opportunities for me.

Name: Justine Stephens
Years active: 2009-2010
Instrument: flute

Name: Lee Goldstein
Years active: 1978-1984
Instrument: cello

Name: Sophia Feinberg
Years active: 2002-2010
Instrument: Cello
As a student cellist, I joined Norwalk Youth Symphony in 6th grade and thrived in the organization until I graduated from high school.  As a member of NYS I learned the art of leading and the art of following.  I was given the opportunities to  tour Europe with NYS,  experiencing the world playing exquisite music beside talented  friends.  I came to understand the necessity of “showing up” and the beauty of putting my fellow musicians as a group ahead of myself as a single musician.  The friends I made over the years in NYS will be my friends for life - we connected in so many ways, not the least of which in the deep, meaningful adventure of creating and performing music together. Winning the NYS concerto competition my final year with the group and getting to perform the last movement of the Elgar Cello Concerto with my best friends playing beside me was the greatest, most fun and gratifying time of my life. After graduating high school I continued my cello studies at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University and just graduated this past May 2015 having earned a degree in Cello Performance while studying with Matt Haimovitz.  In addition to my “day job” I teach cello and perform in chamber groups and other performance opportunities. Norwalk youth Symphony was one of the greatest things I will ever be a part of and I'm so excited to get the opportunity to come back and play with the group once more. 

Name: Liz Johnston
Years active: 1999-2007
Instrument: cello
I thoroughly enjoyed playing the cello for 8 years in NYS. In particular, I will never forget playing at Carnegie Hall. I continued to play the cello at Bates College and after some time away from classical music, I will be auditioning for the Danbury Symphony Orchestra this year!

Name: Jenny Johnston
Years active: 2000-2006
Instrument: Bass

Name: Gale Greenleaf (Smith)
Years active: 1957-1964
Instrument: viola
Mr. Master was my viola teacher and got me into the youth symphony; my dad Herschel Smith was on the Board of Directors. Went to Indiana University when I was 13 for 2 weeks under a Viennese conductor who told us we were "an unmitigated disgrace." We all raced back to the dorm to find a dictionary. Later played fiddle in contests throughout New England, Canada, and Texas and was in several bands.

Name: Emma Goodman
Years active: 2011-2015
Instrument: Clarinet
Some of my favorite memories, both musical and nonmusical, have stemmed from NYS. I remember the chills I felt on our Spain trip, and then while playing Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony in my first concert as a member of Principal Orchestra. I think those were the moments I can pinpoint as the beginnings of my deep love for the clarinet.

Name: Jeffrey Katz
Years active: 1990-1992
Instrument: Trumpet
I was a member of the Principal Orchestra for my junior and senior year. Having the opportunity to rehearse and perform the repertoire we did, with such a high level of talent, helped prepare me for the next 23 years of my life. I have had the good fortune to travel and perform all around the world, but some of my best memories are of those early Saturday mornings.

Name: Hilary Frisch
Years active: 1980-1987
Instrument: Violin
I played with NYS from Chamber orchestra through Principal, where I served as concert mistress for two years. I loved everything about my NYS experience: from the collegiality of the Saturday practices and the joys of learning a new piece to the performances which came together so beautifully the week before a concert. Making magic through music created fond memories to enjoy throughout my life!

Name: Ben Freeman
Years active: 2003-2011
Instrument: Violin
I was able to continue my interest in music after NYS by pursuing a minor in music and by playing with the Lehigh University Philharmonic. Since my graduation in May, I have been working for Sikorsky as a Quality Engineer. My favorite memory from NYS was the trip to Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg. If you currently play in NYS, don't miss those opportunities - they are a lot of fun!

Name: Christine Eckel (Mata)
Years active: 1991-1993
Instrument: clarinet
Being a part of the youth orchestra was a pivotal experience in helping shape my life and career. As a teacher and band director of 18 years now and conductor of the Concert Orchestra in the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras for 15 years, I am SO grateful to my early teachers and the great experiences I received through the NYS program. All the best wishes for this special anniversary season!

Name: Angelica Durrell
Years active: 2002-2007
Instrument: Violin
I loved attending Saturday morning rehearsals. Tara Simoncic was my first exposure and inspiration to 'women conductors' and women in the arts. I was then inspired to give back and founded a youth development program that connects youth and families to cross-cultural experiences and identities and makes classical music accessible to everyone. NYS has definitely made me a better human being.

Name: James Kessler
Years active: 1994-1996
Instrument: clarinet

Name: Jenna Lee
Years active: 2013-2014
Instrument: Violin
I was one of the members of NYS in 2013-2014 season. I was the second violin, and the memories in NYS still follows me in my dreams! Carnegie Hall concert was the best moment in my life, and I sometimes recall the time I stood on the stage and performed Scheherazade with other members of the orchestra.

Name: Ms Jennifer DeWitt
Years active: 1971-1978
Instrument: viola

Name: Dr. Richard Johnson
Years active: 1967-1970
Instrument: Bassoon
Staples HS 1970, Brown U. 1974, Brown U. ScM 1981, Brown Medical School MD 1988. Anesthesiology Resident/Fellow Thos. Jefferson U. Hospital 1989-93, Academic and Private Practice of Anesthesiology to present. 2 children 1993, 1996. Divorced. Continued playing bassoon through college, brown Orchestra and Wind Ensemble and many years beyond. NYS was one of the greatest and most meaningful and satisfying experiences of my life.

Name: Dr. Gale Greenleaf (Smith)
Years active: 1958-1963
Instrument: viola
I'm not actually sure when I started - it may have been 1957. I had been playing viola since 4th grade and was thrilled to be in a real orchestra. I loved chair challenges, and trips we made, like to play with the Boston Youth Symphony, and a trip some of us made to Indiana for two weeks one summer. I learned a new word there from our irascible Viennese conductor, who said we were "an unmitigated disgrace"! I have never lost my love of music, even though it morphed into me being a contest fiddler and a member of several old-timey and rock bands.

Name: Mrs. Johanna Reeves (Eadie)
Years active: 1985-1986
Instrument: Violin (Second)
I have been thinking a lot about my time with NYS recently because my son, who is turning 9, is starting violin. I only played with NYS one year, but it was such an amazing year that has stayed with me through the years. The first piece we played was Beethoven's 5th Symphony, and to this day it is my favorite piece of music because I had the good fortune to play it with such incredible talent surrounding me! Sadly, I have not kept up with the violin, but I have decided to start once again, after 26 years, to support and play alongside my son! Thank you NYS!

Name: Ms. Lynn Walkoff
Years active: 1973-1978
Instrument: Violin

Name: Ms. Shannon Reilly
Years active: 2004-2012
Instrument: Violin
Playing in the Norwalk Youth Symphony made me want to become a professional orchestral violinist and motivated me to attend a conservatory and major in violin performance for my college education. NYS wasn't only an incredible educational experience for me as a musician, it also made orchestra fun; I would look forward to the weekend rehearsals for the whole preceding week. I'm still impressing my fellow students here at the Eastman School of Music with my orchestral experience and the impressive list of repertoire I studied - difficult and great pieces like Stravinsky's Firebird and Beethoven's 5th Symphony - from participating in NYS. I am so thankful that I got to play in such an advanced youth symphony where the staff was so dedicated to providing the students with every opportunity for success.

Name: Ms Carol Sutton
Years active: 1971-1978
Instrument: Viola
So many memories of my time in NYS! Less than optimum conditions rehearsing and performing in the Old Norwalk High School (pre Town Hall and Concert Hall renovation), Reserve Orchestra rehearsals in the crowded and dingy band room, moving up to the Principal Orchestra, Mr Hanulik, Mr Huwiler, Tobias and the Angel world premier, trip to Lake Placid Olympics, Viola Power!, sneaking up to the dome for a a panoramic view of Norwalk during rehersal breaks, so many supportive parents, so many dear friends. A truly memorable and formative experience for me.

Name: Ms. Soohee Stephanie Sun
Years active: 1994-1998
Instrument: Violin
Next week, I am going to watch the NY Philharmonic perform Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. While purchasing tickets, it brought back an incredible memory I had playing the exact same piece in the Principal orchestra back in my days at Norwalk Youth Symphony. My love of that piece grew out of the grueling hours of practice for that performance and unflinching drive for perfection from our German conductor. I remember auditioning in front of Jim Andrews year after year until the bittersweet moment when I "graduated" to Principal orchestra with a phone call from Carolyn. What an incredible way to reconnect with an organization that made such an amazing influence on my life. Thank you, Norwalk Youth Sympthony!

Name: LTJG James Lyons
Years active: 2000-2006
Instrument: Violin
Joining the NYS was a pivotal decision that has helped shape who I am today. From the very first Saturday morning rehearsal (helping me prepare for a lifetime of waking up early) to the very last concert, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at Norwalk's Concert Hall. While the music was certainly top notch, the people made the organization what it was, and I'm sure still is. Working as a team to ensure that we delivered the best product to our concert-goers was the best aspect of being in the NYS. The days of playing in an orchestra are long gone for me, but working as a team has become more important than ever. As a Naval Aviator, I work with a very talented team of individuals who come together to ensure that every flight and mission are completed in a safe and efficient manner. While landing on an aircraft carrier is slightly different from playing in an orchestra, both require attention to detail and teamwork. Unfortunately I don't play in an orchestra anymore, but I do periodically take out my fiddle to maintain currency (it's the aviator in me) - especially when I'm stressed. Thanks for the memories - I look forward to coming back someday for a concert.

Name: Miss Claire Lyons
Years active: 2005-2009
Instrument: Oboe
I absolutely loved my time with NYS - it has definitely been my favorite orchestra experience thus far. From watching my brother play at Carnegie Hall to playing there myself, and then traveling to Europe, it was fantastic and eye-opening! I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in May of 2013 and was offered a position as a research technologist at the Hopkins School of Medicine (doing research with monkeys). Because I'm still in Baltimore, I will be able to play with the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra this year (which I've been doing since sophomore year) and taking lessons at Peabody. In September of 2014, I will start veterinary school at Tufts University, which I am extraordinarily excited about! However, it does mean I'm going to have to look for a new orchestra...wish me luck!

Name: Mr. Shem Guibbory
Years active: 1964-1970
Instrument: Violin
My entire family played in Norwalk Youth Symphony, starting from the 1950's. Myself, started out in the back of the 2nd violins in the Reserve Group under Mr. Genualdi (Robert Genualdi - his violinist son Joey and I were buddies and got into lots of trouble together!) and ended up as Concertmaster of the Principal Orchestra. Lots of fellow NYS members from my generation are prominent in professional music today. We were so lucky to be part of this fine organization. For more information on me and my rather remarkable career, you can go to www.shemguibbory.com and www.innovativemusicprograms.com

Name: Dr. Richard Johnson
Years active: 1966-1970
Instrument: Bassoon

Name: Ms. Jennifer Bartel
Years active: 1987-1990
Instrument: Flute
I cherish the time I spent playing with the NYS! I gained valuable ensemble experience and still have a special fondness for pieces we played, particularly Brahms Double Concerto, Dvorak Sym.8 and The New World Symphony. I went on to study music at DePaul University and Manhattan School of Music. Now I balance teaching flute and freelancing with orchestras and also work in nonprofit arts administration. I know that the NYS was a big part in helping me build the foundation for my career.

Name: Mr. Andrew Hsieh
Years active: 1995-2000
Instrument: Violin

Name: Mr Jim Griffin
Years active: 1956-1961
Instrument: Double Bass
Musically, the Norwalk Youth Orchestra was good training. I had always wished to become an accomplished and well-paid musician. My father insisted these were incompatible and so I pursued engineering. Now my music consists principally of listening to Jazz24.com and my extensive recordings of Italian opera, the country where I've resided for most of my last 34 years. (My engineering profession led me to live for 12 of them in the U.K., Egypt, France, and Spain. But my memories of "All-State", "All-Eastern", Indiana, Boston concert (when Bob Ide forgot to load the music!), Washington, D.C., etc. are memories of great experiences.

Name: Ms Rebecca Krentz-Wee
Years active: 2007-2008
Instrument: Viola
I had just returned from a year abroad and joined NYS for my senior year because I had heard good things about the quality of the orchestras. It was a fantastic experience! Since going to university, I've played viola in the symphony orchestra at MIT for all four years. Rehearsal is usually one of the best parts of my week. Playing with NYS definitely made me a better musician and furthered my love of orchestra, which will stay with me for my whole life.

Name: Ms. Amy Yudkin
Years active: 1974-1977
Instrument: violin
Since attending NYS, I became a music teacher and performer. I remember Tobias and the Angel, and The Second Hurricane (Was that with NYS?) NYS was the highlight of my week. I have had my own band, Fiddlesticks International which played world music for weddings and events, and recorded a CD. I've taught violin and fiddle lessons privately, and also have been an elementary music teacher and music therapist.I was selected from a national search for a fellowship to study traditional Korean music at the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Center in Seoul, Korea. In recent years, I attended Los Angeles Music Academy / LAMA drumset program directed by Joe Porcaro and Ralph Humphrey (who played with Frank Zappa). My current interests are in recording, electronic music, and multimedia. I am working on a project including my writing/text, photographs, paintings, and music. I live in Santa Barbara, and I can be reached at Amy_Frances@hotmail.com Please contact me for links to my work. I would love to hear from you!

Name: Ms. Dawn Flewellen (Hauptman)
Years active: 1956-1961
Instrument: Viola
The Norwalk Youth Symphony was one of the most important parts of my musical life. I joined when I was in 8th grade and there was only one other violist. When I left at the end of high school, there was a complete viola section. The music that we studied and performed served as my introduction to so much orchestral music. The musical high point for me was when I performed the 1st movement of Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto as soloist with the orchestra in my senior year. I went on the graduate from Hartt College of Music as a piano major. However, because of my viola experience, I was able to be part of the Symphony Orchestra at Hartt. Presently I have a Suzuki piano studio of 40 students and have been teaching for over 30 years. I am very proud to have been part of this orchestra at its inception. So glad to have discovered this website. Dawn Flewellen

Name: Ms. Alexandra Curran
Years active: 2001-2008
Instrument: Violin
I have so many incredible memories that I cherish from my time as a player in the NYS; whether it be walking out onto stage in 6th grade as the concert mistress of the chamber orchestra or performing Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony at Carnegie Hall my senior year of high school. Currently, I'm studying filmmaking in school and have found that my time at NYS has so far greatly influenced any success I've obtained personally and professionally because it instilled in me the importance and value of collaboration. I approach filmmaking the same way I would a piece with the symphony... it's a team effort. You and your crew members are no different than a symphonic ensemble and you must be able to support and listen to one another at all times or else the piece/film becomes a mish mosh of everyone trying to play or speak over everybody else. When playing in a symphony you learn to open up your ears and take in everything that is happening around you. Doing that very same thing in every day life has helped me excel in many of my endeavors.

Name: Mr. Paul Avgerinos
Years active: 1972-1975
Instrument: Bass Violin
Thanks to a great start with the NYS, I went on with a Full scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory and played with the Baltimore Symphony and Isaac Stern, Jean Pierre Rampal, The Beaux Arts Trio, Baryshnikov, Buddy Rich, Charles Aznavour, Liza Minelli and many other great groups before building my recording studio in Redding , CT . I am a Grammy nominated composer and producer whose music is broadcast all over the world. I have worked on over One Hundred film and TV projects & been involved in a number of platinum album productions collaborating with Jewel, Aerosmith, Run DMC, Willie Nelson, Deana Carter among many others . I have also released Eleven Ambient New Age albums on my label Round Sky Music that enjoy critical success and a great deal of broadcast around the world . I hope that my story is an inspiration to young people now in the NYS . My Three years in the NYS and a few private lessons were the only classical training I had prior to my Peabody Scholarship ! All my Best, Paul Avgerinos www.StudioUnicorn.net www.RoundSkyMusic.com

Name: Ms Virginia Macdonald
Years active: 1979-1982
Instrument: clarinet
I have such fond memories of playing in the Norwalk Youth Symphony. It was only after leaving the area that I realized what a gem it is and how lucky I was to have been a part of it. I performed under conductor John Huwiler, and I remember rehearsals being fun. I went on to study music education at UConn and recently earned my master's in music therapy, becoming board certified this summer and am now sharing the joy of making music with kids on the autism spectrum. But I just happened to be thinking of NYS when at a meeting of the community music school where I also teach and the faculty was asked to talk about the musical activities that influenced us when we were younger. NYS was right at the top.

Name: Mr. Kyle Bruckmann
Years active: 1987-1989
Instrument: oboe
My experiences with NYS were definitely part of what shaped my life in music. Mahler 1 (with, if i'm not mistaken, Eiji Oue) in particular -- what an opportunity as a high school student! Not sure how I survived all those early weekend mornings on Route 7 (Sundays were lessons with Albert Goltzer in Westport), but it was more than worth it. After attending Rice University and the U of Michigan Ann Arbor, I'm now a charter member of the "Freeway Phil" in the San Francisco Bay Area. I play regularly with the Stockton Symphony and Quinteto Latino, occasionally with the SF Symphony, teach, and do lots of work as an improvising composer/performer and new music specialist -- all chronicled at www.kylebruckmann.com. Thank you NYS!

Name: Dr. Barli Nugent
Years active: 1969-1972
Instrument: Flute
I lived for those NYS hours on Saturday mornings, making glorious music with my friends in the orchestra, and yearned for longer rehearsals and more concerts. I went on to school at Juilliard, 20 years of touring with the Naumburg-Award winning Aspen Wind Quintet, 30 years with the Aspen Music Festival and School in the summers, and am now a member of the faculty and Assistant Dean at Juilliard. And I had the wonderful experience of offering a master class for the flutists of NYS last year, a truly joyful and exhilarating experience. They are gifted young people with generosity of spirit and abundant talent engaged in the exploration of real artistry. I will always be devoted to this orchestra and its growing chamber music program, and periodically slip back in to that familiar hall to see and hear those exuberant young artists. It is always a happy experience, reawakening treasured memories of my very first orchestra.

Name: Mr. Matthew Harrison
Years active: 1997-2000
Instrument: Trumpet, Percussion, Piano
I loved my time with the Norwalk Youth Symphony - fond memories of performing at Carnegie Hall!! I did my undergrad work in piano (music education) at James Madison University. I'm now a member of AEA and am currently going to The New England Conservatory as an MM candidate in voice performance.

Name: Mr. David Rintoul
Years active: 1973-1979
Instrument: Trombone
I largely gave up trombone after high school. Thirty years after I stopped, though, I took it up again to play in the pit band for a production of Three Penny Opera my kids were in last year, and since have started playing with a big band, and in several different orchestras with my kids (both of whom play cello). While the lip is slow to come back, all the musicianship I learned with NYS came back well, and let me truly enjoyed getting back to playing.

Name: Mrs. Patricia Fisher (Woodlock)
Years active: 1957-1962
Instrument: Violin
In reading about the colleges that NYS alumni attended, I didn't see Indiana University listed. During the summers of 1960 and 1961, around 30 string players received full scholarships to attend IU's High School Music Clinic, due to the efforts of Hilda Jay, a board member at that time who was an IU graduate. It was a fantastic experience, leading to enrollment of many of us at IU, although not all of us, myself included, pursued careers in music. I ended up with three degrees from IU, and I lived in Indiana for 18 years after I completed my third degree in Library Science. I don't have much time for music, since I have been working as a reference and instruction librarian at Cape Cod Community College for twenty years, and have owned a bed and breakfast and a motel, but I hope to resume playing both violin and harp after my retirement.

Name: Mr. Donald Groeschner
Years active: 1960-1961
Instrument: trombone
I really enjoyed my time with the Youth Symphony and felt honored to be associated with such fine musicians, as I was a middle of the road trombonist and did not take music seriously. I always thought there was a shortage of trombone players for me to be accepted by the NYS, but with my participation in the Youth Symphony, bands, orchestras; I met some people and had experiences that I will never forget. Once leaving high school and entering college, I never picked up the horn again. I now am retired and live on Candlewood Lake where I mess around with wooden boats, my trombone or axe still hangs on wall with my other tools in my workshop.

Name: Ms. Jennifer Chieffalo
Years active: 1996-2003
Instrument: cello
I was in the Norwalk Youth Symphony for seven years and it was a major part of my development as a young musician. I experienced great opportunities through all 3 of the orchestras I played in. I still have vivid memories of playing at Carnegie Hall! The Principal Orchestra allowed me to experience important pieces of the classical repertoire that in turn, greatly helped me as I studied in music school. After graduating from high school, I attended Ithaca College where I completed a double major in music education and cello performance. I was heavily involved in chamber music, something I also did with NYS, and even served as principal cellist of both the Ithaca College Symphony and Chamber Orchestras. Had it not been for my participation in NYS, I certainly would have never been as prepared for college as I was. After graduation from Ithaca in December of 2007, I returned back to CT where I am currently the orchestra director of Trumbull High School.

Name: Ms Sudha Arunachalam
Years active: 1993-1997
Instrument: viola

Name: Ms. Nicole Vongsaroj
Years active: 1999-2003
Instrument: violin
I loved the NYS...it was one of my favorite musical experiences. The friends that I made in the orchestras and the experiences that happened there were amazing. I miss the feeling that rushed over me when I played a concert with my orchestra, it was so exhilarating. Since the NYS I havent had the opportunity to play the violin as much as I would like. To be honest I havent touched my violin in over two years; time goes by so fast! I now have a two year old daughter, Sophia, who is the most beautiful thing and I hope one day to listen to the gorgeous music that she will make. My musical influence is something that I pray she inherits and grasps.

Name: Ms. Virginia Macdonald
Years active: 1978-1982
Instrument: clarinet
I have very fond memories of playing in the NYS. I didn't realize how spoiled I'd been being part of such a top-notch group until I moved outside of the area. I teach clarinet and sax as well as early childhood music up in NH, and have just started pursuing a graduate degree in music therapy. NYS definitely helped shape who I am today.

Name: Ms. Francesca Mellin (Day)
Years active: 1972-1978
Instrument: Violin
Hello! I'm glad to have found NYS online. I particularly remember playing the world premiere of Castelnuovo-Tedesco's oratorio Tobias and the Angel, and a Mozart Horn Concerto with David Ohanian. I'm currently playing with the Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra and help with our school orchestra. I still use NYS conductor John Huweiler's fiddle tricks!

Name: Mr. Lucas de Valdivia
Years active: 2001-2007
Instrument: cello
I loved every single one of my years at NYS, and will miss everyone!

Name: Mrs. Julita Inzero (Weed)
Years active: 1956-1960
Instrument: oboe
I was a member of the NYS when it was under the direction of John Master. During that time the symphony did a joint concert with the Boston Youth Symphony - still have the recording! The oboe was my instrument. My parents drove me to Long Island to study with Whitney Tustin. Also, I studied piano with Catherine Master and would walk to the Masters' house from the former NHS. (Cathy Jo and Gigi were darling girls!) Today I live in Stonington Village with my husband Tony, a graduate of Hartt School of Music. We both were Connecticut Public School teachers. While attending Newtown CT Public Schools, our son Tony was a member of the NYS. He played the violin and still does. In Stonington we enjoy sailing, Tony does some composing, and I play the piano every day - remembering the technical lessons taught to me by my mother Julita Weed and Catherine Master. I am happy to have been a graduate of NHS and a member of the NYS.

Name: Ms. Melissa Glerum (Birch)
Years active: 1982-1983
Instrument: clarinet
I was only with NYSO for my senior year in high school, but I continued to play at Brown, with the Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. Now I'm involved with youth symphonies in the Pacific Northwest. My son plays percussion with the Seattle and Bellevue Youth Symphonies. My rewarding experience with Norwalk led me to encourage him to audition here.

Name: Ms. Beth Almore
Years active: 1976-1984
Instrument: Cello
coming soon....

Name: Mr. Douglas McVarish
Years active: 1970-1973
Instrument: bassoon
Well, I no longer play the bassoon but I will always remember being the lone bassoonist in the Reserve Section and playing the bassoon solo in the Lt. Kije Suite. Since then my music making has turned to choral music. I began singing in church choirs in Houston in 1981 and have been singing ever since. I guess NYS may have helped me to read the bass clef. My checkered career has included working in a library, being a university fund raiser, and graduate study in urban planning and historic preservation. For the last 15 years, I have been an architectural historian with John Milner Associates, Inc. in Philadelphia, and I enjoy my work. My wife Lois Maynard, an elementary school teacher, and I live with our cat and dog in subruban South Jersey,

Name: Mrs. Rebecca Breverman (Dragiff)
Years active: 1969-1972
Instrument: cello
Oh my gosh! I came across this site accidentally. What a thrill! I want to correct Linda Walton Kirkwood's anecdote. I was playing in a summer string quartet with her and couldn't make rehearsal and asked James to substitute for me. Who knew I was a matchmaker!! And I saw a note from Shem's brother! I have tremendously fond memories of NYS - and all of the community groups I played with through high school. Still playing as an amateur in central New Jersey. Sorry I missed the reunion!

Name: Ms. Stacey Severn (David)
Years active: 1977-1979
Instrument: Flute and piccolo
My funniest memory was when my chair fell off the riser in the middle of a concert. Mr. Huwiler just kept conducting, but he pulled off his glasses and mouthed the words, "are you okay?" I remember just holding my instruments up as high as I could, and as long as they were okay, I was okay!! Loved playing with the group, and went on to major in music. I played a year with the 'grownup' Norwalk Symphony (piccolo) after college, played lots of chamber music and taught lots of flute students before settling down to a "real job." After my son was born, I didn't play for almost 10 years, but I now enjoy playing chamber music with friends, and playing in community groups in my area.

Name: Ms. Carol Sutton
Years active: 1972-1978
Instrument: viola

Name: Dr. Mary Guarino (Akiyama)
Years active: 1977-1979
Instrument: Violin
Happy 50th Anniversary, Norwalk Youth Symphony!

Name: Mr. Daniel Zucker
Years active: 1969-1977
Instrument: French horn
Ah, yes, all those Saturday mornings. While my friends were sleeping or watching cartoons, my siblings -- John (trumpet), Peter (trombone), and Ellen (oboe) -- and I were rehearsing at the old Norwalk High School. It was a wonderful 9 years. I am now immersed in music on the business side with Jive Records, home to several pop and R&B stars including Usher, Outkast, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. There is no classical music on our roster; that is left to our sister label Masterworks. Although I have not played the French horn in several years, I enjoy listening to my children play the trumpet and piano.

Name: Mr. Kurt Civilette
Years active: 1980-1982
Instrument: French Horn
I am in my 12th season as 3rd horn/associate principal horn of the New Mexico Symphony, based in Albuquerque. I was always very active in music, but it was the stimulating atmosphere of the Norwalk Youth Symphony which pushed me to strive to become a professional musician. I went to Northwestern and after 10 years and dozens of auditions, got a tenured position here. I still love music and playing in orchestra and feel privileged to still be doing it.

Name: Ms. Sydna Strassberger
Years active: 1968-1972
Instrument: violin
I was in the Norwalk Youth Symphony for a long time and attend the summer program at Indiana University twice. I enjoyed it very much and spent my first year in college as a music major. When I saw that I lacked the discipline and dedication to music that other musicians had I switched my major and dropped out of music for a while. Later an acquaintance who knew that I played the violin asked if I would be interested in playing chamber music. That evening I realized how much I missed my violin and began to play regularly and to practice again. I joined a local symphony. Eventually a few people asked me if I would like to teach. Although the idea had never interested me I decided to give it a try. One teaching opportunity led to another. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the work and how satisfying it could be . I encouraged my students to audition for the Norwalk Youth Symphony and now several are in it. I felt so proud when the student that I had been teaching the longest finally got accepted in the Principal orchestra! So, yes, music is a big part of my life and I am happy that I am able to share that love of music with my students and chamber music colleagues.

Name: Dr. Pat Pukkila
Years active: 1962-1966
Instrument: flute
I continue to enjoy orchestral playing (Chapel Hill Philharmonia) and also love the annual Chapel Hill Chamber Music Workshop that draws participants from all over the world (some of you NYS alums might like this too!!). My son (a cellist) also enjoyed youth orchestra, and plays in Boston's Longwood Symphony. I am looking forward to seeing Mr. Huwiler and to thanking him for everything he did for us. The rehearsals did get to be a bit tedious (sometimes it seemed as though the strings were always playing and the winds were always waiting to play), so one week I decided to bring some knitting to rehearsal to make "better" use of the down time. The next week, the entire flute section brought knitting along, and at that point Mr. Huwiler put a stop to it... I always have "music in my head". Sometimes it is distracting, but usually it is enjoyable, and I have the NYS to thank for a life-long engagement in making so many wonderful pieces a part of me.

Name: Mr. Fan-Chia Tao
Years active: 1970-1977
Instrument: Violin
Saturday morning NYS rehearsals was always my favorite time! After many years working as an electrical engineer, I now combine my interests in science, engineering and music at D'Addario & Company where I design musical strings. I serve on the board of directors of the Violin Society of America (VSA) and I organize a violin acoustics workshop every summer at Oberlin College for violin makers interested in violin acoustics. I have run into many NYS alumni. During a recent trip to Houston, I played string quartets with violinist Mary-Ellen Shea for the first time since our Youth Symphony days! My younger sister Lilly also played violin in the NYS and she now works for Microsoft in Seattle, where my parents recently moved to. My father had served on the NYS board and one of his responsibilities was keeping the membership address list on his work computer. This was long before PCs and I had to type the addresses onto old fashion IBM punch cards!

Name: Ms. Marilyn R. Pukkila
Years active: 1967-1974
Instrument: violin
Music has shaped my life, and the NYS had a profound impact on that. It was my Saturday mornings for 8 years; I played some of the world's greatest classical repertoire there, and it became the foundation for many more orchestral experiences in the ensuing years. I developed tendonitis in my wrists in 1990, and so I had to stop playing altogether for about a decade. Recently, I was able to return to my violin and discover a talent for improvisation and playing from memory. I wouldn't have known how much music I have on the insides of my eyelids and embedded in the marrow of my fingers if I hadn't stopped playing "from the score" for that length of time. I have picked up or returned to several interests since then (watercolors, knitting, earth-based spirituality, writing, teaching, choral singing) which have taken the time slots formerly held by practice, rehearsals, and concerts, but I still bring out my glorious violin every so often, and it plays as richly as ever. The experience helped me realize that whether or not I ever play another note, I will always be a violinist, and the NYS had a major part in makinng me one.

Name: Mr. Jonathan Payne
Years active: 1998-2002
Instrument: cello
After playing the piano for two years I took up the cello, and after two years of study joined the Norwalk Youth Symphony. I played in the Chamber Orchestra for two years, then went straight into the Principal Orchestra. I loved playing music in a social setting, and in particular the NYS got me into chamber music, where I have focused much of my energies. Currently I am a sophomore at Columbia University and am leaning towards majoring in architecture. I am involved in three chamber music groups at Columbia, and at Juilliard I am taking cello lessons with Darret Adkins and am playing in a string quartet. No matter what I do, I know that I am going to be involved with chamber music, and I am grateful that through the chamber music program of the Norwalk Youth Symphony I was able to discover the joys of small ensemble playing, to help found the Spectrum Quartet with three other members of the NYS, and to play numerous recitals, weddings, etc. in the area. I went on from the Norwalk Youth Symphony to the Pre-College program at Juilliard, and graduated in 2005. At Juilliard I played in the orchestra and in several chamber groups, and made more friends than I can count. I also spent summers at Tanglewood, Meadowmount, and most recently at Kneisel Hall.

Name: Mr. Matthew Payne
Years active: 1994-2000
Instrument: violin
I am a senior at the University of Connecticut, and am planning on graduating in May, 2007 with a double major in English and Classics. I have played violin with the university symphony, if not every semester. The band I started here in Storrs, The Reversible Shirts, plays gigs all around the area, and I enjoy playing lead guitar with them. Playing in the Norwalk Youth Symphony gave me a sense of belonging that I really needed at the time, and I remember the numerous friendships I had with my fellow NYS players.

Name: Ms. Bernadette Buddington
Years active: 1967-1969
Instrument: violin
The violin and music in general has been a great source of joy and satisfaction to me throughout life. I remember playing first or second violin with the symphony for a few summers at the old Norwalk High School and recall that the selections were very challenging. Like any child, I didn't realize how precious the symphony and music education was at the time. I went on to graduate from the University of Arizona and took violin, voice, piano and guitar classes as electives. I briefly flirted with performing folk songs in the early seventies, and was an assistant instructor of violin in my daughter's elementary school. Sadly, music and fine arts education is today not offered in many state's public education programs. With the recent arrival of my first granddaughter, Virginia, I am playing again in anticipation of passing on the tradition.

Name: Dr. Richard Grose
Years active: 1965-1966
Instrument: French Horn
I only remember playing in the NYS for one year, actually only one concert sticks in my mind, but I may be forgetting. I was a sophomore in high school and had never played in an orchestra that big and that good. We played Schubert's Great C Major Symphony, a performance I still remember. What ever happened to the wonderful horn player, then very young, whom I only remember as Marco?

Name: Mr. David Ohanian
Years active: 1959-1962
Instrument: french horn
It was during my tenure with NYS that I decided to attend a conservatory and be a professional. I attended New England Conservatory, joined Boston Symphony, formed Empire Brass, played 12 years with Canadian Brass and remember my time with NYS as if it were last week.

Name: Mr. Hadrian Kim
Years active: 1994-1995
Instrument: Violin
I joined the Norwalk Youth Symphony when I was in 2nd grade. I remember how nervous I was when I auditioned in front of Jim Andrews; a moment I would never forget. The Chamber Orchestra was small back then, very small compared to how large it has grown. It was much easier for Mr. Andrews to hear who didn't practice during the week. Then came the Concert Orchestra. We took a trip to play at Lincoln Center in New York City. Remember the wind? Our wire stands and paper music were no match mother nature. It was fun, annoying and comical at the same time. And a trip to the Ives Center. Well that was less dramatic. Thank you Mr. Brooks. Principal Orchestra. Don’t think you can come into rehearsal without practicing and get away with it. Tara knows. It’s her sixth sense. In Principal we were all presented with hard music that took practice more than any other group. But with hard work came great rewards. I had the honor of playing at Carnegie Hall with the Principle Orchestra on two separate occasions; truly an amazing experience. Those are the days you don't forget. Now, NYS has grown to a new level. More musicians than ever are participating. I am proud of how far this organization has come. It is a chunk of my life that I ill never forget, especially the part where I devoted all my Saturday mornings to practice for nearly 11 years. But it was worth it. Many faces have come and gone. But the players, parents and directors should be proud of the NYS and all of its achievements. There is a bright future for this organization. Currently, I am a student at the School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut. I am studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics. I work at Sealed Air Corporation as an engineer in Danbury. I still pick up the violin whenever I have time. And whenever I do it really does bring back memories of NYS. And speaking of time, I have a report due in an hour. See you later NYS.

Name: Ms. Dana Schaul-Yoder (dana Schaul-Yoder)
Years active: 1963-1969
Instrument: flute
Saturdays were to live for! Even though the 9 a.m. rehearsal didn't complement my teenage sleep cycle, Saturday mornings invariably brought me the joy of gathering with my musician friends for several hours of inspired musical collaboration. I will never forget the sound of the first downbeat that I expeienced in the Norwalk Youth Symphony. I was chilled by the blend of this most amazing palate of sounds that surrounded me. Never before had I experiened such a sense of awe. I had made a new discovery and I was in love with it. Having pursued professional music studies and a career as a music educator, I love to re-live this thrill of discovering music's magical qualities with my students.

Name: Ms. Susie Ikeda
Years active: 1978-1984
Instrument: Violin
I'm an active amateur, playing in an orchestra (Boston Philharmonic) and countless chamber music activities. NYS was definitely part of the groundwork that led to a lifelong enjoyment of music making. Bumped into John Huwiler in an airport in Reykjavik, Iceland (of all places) and enjoyed reminiscing about old times.

Name: Mr. Rei Chiang
Years active: 1997-2002
Instrument: cello

Name: Ms. Linda Kirkwood (Walton)
Years active: 1968-1971
Instrument: viola
When I was in the 9th grade, I sat principal viola in the NYS. On my left sat James Kirkwood, assistant principal cellist. Little did I know that I was sitting next to my future husband! Here is the story: In the two years that we both played in NYS, I did take notice of this strong and handsome boy sitting to my left. But we were both painfully shy and only spoke a couple of times. James then went off to Marlborough College. Two years later, I was out on a bike ride with friends headed to Pound Ridge State Park. We passed Merit Music in New Canaan and stopped to say hello to John Schwartz who was running the shop at the time. James was working there that summer rehairing bows. I told him we needed a cellist for the pit orchestra for "Little Mary Sunshine". He joined the group and soon asked me out for our first date! As luck would have it, he was transferring to the New England Conservatory that fall, the very school I had chosen. We were engaged the following spring, and married in 1973. So we call ourselves "Youth Symphony sweethearts"! I still have the programs that list our names. My NYS years gave me a strong foundation for entering the music profession. John Huwiler was an excellent conductor and mentor. I especially remember the performance of Beethoven's Choral Fantasy with Ira Braus as soloist. We played in New York City and for radio broadcast... and the Indiana Univ. Performer's Clinics were incredible. There are too many memories to put here! After graduation, I freelanced in Boston for a couple of years while James got his Masters Degree at Boston University. Then we formed the Tremont String Quartet and got a residency at the State University of New York at Geneseo, where we still teach. We've raised three sons; they are my pride and joy. In '89 I earned a Masters degree at the Eastman School of Music.I also perform with the Rochester Philharmonic. So Happy 50th Anniversary, NYS!! Warmest wishes, Linda Walton Kirkwood

Name: Ms Suzanne Bona
Years active: 1978-1980
Instrument: flute & piccolo
My participation in the NYS definitely influenced my educational path and career. I went on to major in music performance at UConn with the intention of pursuing a career as an orchestral player. I was on that path when the radio bug bit, and I shifted gears, while never giving up my playing. Currently, I host and produce SUNDAY BAROQUE, a weekly radio program heard nationwide. I also play frequent solo chamber music concerts, get together with a weekly flute group, and recently joined a community orchestra to once again play the orchestral music that NYS taught me to love so much.

Name: Ms. Virginia McVarish
Years active: 1967-1971
Instrument: violin, then oboe
Music, both in public school in Norwalk and in the Youth Symphony in particular, kept me going during my junior high and high school years. I started in the Youth Symphony on violin, but by ninth grade, I had switched to oboe. I have had numerous careers through the years, none involving music. I am currently finishing an MLS degree and hope to find a position as a law reference librarian. This past spring, I started studying cello for the first time! I love reading what other Youth Symphony members are up to and what they remember most.

Name: Ms Mary Kimber (McVarish)
Years active: 1965-1969
Instrument: Viola
I loved Youth Symphony bus trips to Indiana so much that I ended up studying music education at I.U! My final year, I was registered with an IU teacher placement bureau and a job they had advertised for teaching in South Australia sounded interesting. Somehow I'm still in Australia and I've been a violist in the Sydney Symphony for 25 1/2 years now. It was Norwalk Youth Symphony that put the idea of an orchestral career into my head.

Name: Mr. John Simon
Years active: 1958-1961
Instrument: piano, horn, percussion
(...) my dad, Lou Simon, who was one of the founders of the Norwalk Symphony, its concertmaster for quite a while and its president too, was instrumental ('scuse the pun) in starting the Youth Symphony. As I understand it, it had been on the minds of many on the orchestra board but, when John Masters appeared on the scene, they had someone who could actually do it. And John and my dad sat side by side in the viola section of the "big" symphony until my dad passed away. (He had switched to viola because the E string of the fiddle was starting to hurt his fingers.) This is history as I remember it. Of course, I may be wrong! I myself hardly played in the Youth Symphony. I was a piano-player and a baritone horn player in the high school band. So my participation in both the Youth Symphoy and the "big" symphony was only occasionally as an orchestra pianist or a percussionist when there a lot of percussionists required. Thanks again for the notification. I hope you all have a joyous reunion. john simon

Name: Mr Wolf Guibbory
Years active: 1962-1964
Instrument: violin
Unlike most of my siblings, I was a bit of a fraud when it came to practicing the violin. While Yenoin and Shem were preparing themselves for careers in music, I was dreaming of becoming the next Mickey Mantle. I never quite made it to the majors, in either baseball or music (my experience with the NYS was limited to the reserve gtoup, if memory serves). Nonetheless, the musical culture of my childhood has translated into a passion for music of nearly all genres. As in the past, it retains today the ability to touch my spirit in places unexplored by the spoken word. I believe that this has carried on to the next generation, as my 10 year old daughter has shown a love of music equal to mine. She has presently taken up the cello, after a few years on the piano. I only hope that her practice habits surpass those of her father.

Name: Mrs. Jennifer Lipinsky (Zych)
Years active: 1989-1991
Instrument: Clarinet
It was at NYS that I met a great friend, Liz Lockhart. We still keep in touch to this date sharing our family stories and professional experiences in music. I teach middle school band in Prospect, CT.

Name: Ms. Elizabeth Lockhart-Videtto (Lockhart)
Years active: 1988-1991
Instrument: Bass Clarinet
I have fond memories of getting out of marching band practice early on Saturdays to make it to Youth Symphony practice. Many times, orchestra practice was a wonderful relief! I enjoyed hanging out with the woodwind sections of the Concert and Principal Orchestras since I did a lot of waiting and not a whole lot of playing. I even found a 'sister' for life, Jennifer (Zych) Lipinsky (clarinet). Jenn wasn't only my hangman partner during rehearsals, she's my SAI sister and still my best friend. I never would have met her without NYS. We still remember the great trip that we took to the World Financial Center in New York. I have been a band director at a public school in Delaware since my studies at the University of Delaware and Temple University. Last year, I took over the orchestra at my school as well. I cantor at a local church, I have a successful private studio and am currently playing bass clarinet with the Wind Symphony of Southern New Jersey. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Name: Mr Alex Greenberg
Years active: 1972-1974
Instrument: Clarinet
I've been playing non stop since high school and am in a klezmer band up in Southbury called Nefesh Klezmer Band. We recorded and played quite a bit around Connecticut and New York. www.nefeshband.com I'm married 22 years to someone I met in school in the clarinet section and we have two kids Violin and Clarinet. 21 and 19 years old.

Name: Mr Andrew Knebel
Years active: 1999-2002
Instrument: viola
I'm currently in my 5th year at the Hartt School of Music/University of Hartford pursuing a double degree in Viola Performance and Music Education, where I am in the honors chamber music program, Peformance 20/20. I am also currently on faculty at Summertrios, a camp for adult amateur chamber musicians. I was in Concert Orchestra for 2 years and Principal Orchestra for 2 years, my last year serving as Prinicpal Violist. NYS was where I met most of my former and current chamber music partners and for that I am forever grateful!

Name: Ms. Claire Bayne
Years active: 1997-2001
Instrument: Clarinet

Name: Mr. Robert Swan
Years active: 1956-1961
Instrument: Viola
I owe so much to John Master, the NYS, and the music instruction I received through the public schools of Norwalk. While I've had a very long and wonderful career in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, have played chamber music with some of the great string players and pianists of our time, I always remember the thrill and enchantment of making music back then, where it all began for me. Thank you! Bob Swan

Name: Mr. John von Daler
Years active: 1959-1962
Instrument: violin
I am a violinist playing mostly improvised music, jazz, rock, pop, folk music. Composition and writing are also part of my daily life. I have composed scores for many theatre productions, including my own version of Henry Miller's "The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder". I have also conducted various orchestras (among other things the music to the film version of Knut Hamsun's "Pan") and taught courses in improvisation for classical strings. At the moment I am part of a Danish jazz group called "Mangfoldighed" (Diversity) and I am a sideman to the Danish "Barbara Streisand", Lene Siel. My quartet website can be visited at www.strings.dk.

Name: Mr. Bruce Kinmonth
Years active: 1966-1971
Instrument: Viola
I still associate so much of my childhood with the NYS; the Saturday morning rehearsals in the old high school, the concerts, the summer trips to Indiana University, our field trip to Carnegie Hall. Although I didn't go on to become a professional musician, the experience left me permanently attached to the symphonic world. Since joining the NYS nearly 40 years ago, there has only been one period (of about 2 years) in my life when I haven’t been a member of at least one orchestra. My busiest time was in 1972 when I was a member of the Chicago Youth Symphony, the Chicago Civic Orchestra, and the North Side Symphony, all at the same time! Currently I play in the Concord Orchestra in Concord, MA, where I have been principal viola for the past 20 years. I also play down the road with the Lexington Sinfonietta. And every summer I go to “string quartet camp” for a week! Every so often in my musical travels I run into another NYS alum. I ran across Linda Walton (viola) and her husband Jim (cello) at UMASS when I was in grad school. I bumped into Rebecca Dragiff (cello) once in Boston. And for many years in the 90’s, our Concord Orchestra concertmaster was Fan Tao, a former NYS concertmaster. Weren’t we surprised to discover one day that we had both been in the NYS, and also had the same teacher, former NYS conductor John Huwiler!

Name: Dr. Scott Brodie
Years active: 1964-1970
Instrument: oboe

Name: Mr Alex Greenberg
Years active: 1972-1974
Instrument: Clarinet

Name: Mr. Adam Fasciolo
Years active: 1976-1980
Instrument: Violin and Viola

Name: Mr. Bob Hodge
Years active: 1956-1962
Instrument: double bass
I am an original (!!??) member of the Orchestra. I think the year was 1956. I was (and am, when not engaged in my day gig) a double bass player. I spend a lot of time playing in local amateur ochestras, and even more time playing jazz. The South Side of Chicago being the place where jazz got itself organized in the '20s and '30s, there are many places to play and many excellent players. I would not have been able to do any of this playing without the training I received at the Youth Symphony.