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Since it began, NYS has created a welcoming place where young musicians can learn and grow. Whether you were a member 60 years ago, or 6 years ago, please reach out.

We would love to hear from you! 

Let's reconnect! Here's how you can get in touch.


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Angie Durell

NYS Member 2002-2007 (Violin)

"I loved attending Saturday morning rehearsals. Tara Simoncic was my first exposure and inspiration to 'women conductors' and women in the arts. I was then inspired to give back and founded a youth development program that connects youth and families to cross-cultural experiences and identities and makes classical music accessible to everyone. NYS has definitely made me a better human being."

See Angie featured on a segment of Comcast Newsmakers on NBC.

Susie Ikeda

NYS Member 1978-1984 (Violin)

"NYS was definitely part of the groundwork that led to a lifelong enjoyment of music making."

Susie is currently a member of the Boston Philharmonic, and teaches Physics and Math at Boston International High School.

Read more about Susie from this interview with the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Bärli Nugent

NYS Member 1969-1972 (Flute)

"How I loved making glorious music with my NYS friends! I graduated from Juilliard, later a Stony Brook DMA; 20 years touring with the Aspen Wind Quintet; Marin Alsop's principal flute for 18 years in her Concordia Orchestra; taught at the Aspen Music Festival for 30 years; in 2001 shifted into full-time administration at Juilliard, where I am now the Assistant Dean and a member of the faculty."

Read more in this interview with WNET.

A New Theme at Juilliard: Entrepreneurship -

David Ohanian

NYS Member 1959-1962 (French Horn)

"It was during my tenure with NYS that I decided to attend a conservatory and be a professional. I attended New England Conservatory, joined Boston Symphony, formed Empire Brass, played 12 years with Canadian Brass and remember my time with NYS as if it were last week."

Kurt Civilette

NYS Member 1980-1982 (French Horn)

"I am in my 12th season as 3rd horn/associate principal horn of the New Mexico Symphony, based in Albuquerque. I was always very active in music, but it was the stimulating atmosphere of the Norwalk Youth Symphony which pushed me to strive to become a professional musician. I went to Northwestern and after 10 years and dozens of auditions, got a tenured position here. I still love music and playing in orchestra and feel privileged to still be doing it."

Fan-Chia Tao

NYS Member 1970-1977 (Violin)

"Saturday morning NYS rehearsals was always my favorite time! After many years working as an electrical engineer, I now combine my interests in science, engineering and music at D'Addario & Company where I design musical strings. I serve on the board of directors of the Violin Society of America (VSA) and I organize a violin acoustics workshop every summer at Oberlin College for violin makers interested in violin acoustics. I have run into many NYS alumni. During a recent trip to Houston, I played string quartets with violinist Mary-Ellen Shea for the first time since our Youth Symphony days!"

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Dr. Patricia Pukkila

NYS Member 1962-1966 


I have the NYS to thank for a life-long engagement in making so many wonderful pieces (of music) a part of me. 

Jeffrey Katz

NYS Member 1990-1992


I have had the good fortune to travel and perform all around the world, but some of my best memories are of those early Saturday mornings.

Paul Avgerinos

NYS Member 1972-1975


Thanks to a great start with NYS I went on with a full scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory and played with the Baltimore Symphony and Isaac Stern.



We love to get updates from our former students. Tell us what you've been up to and share your memories of your days with NYS.

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