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The Norwalk Youth Symphony hosts an annual Summer Music Camp Fair in the lobby of Norwalk City Hall. The fair is geared toward families who want to learn more about summer music opportunities.  The fair features many local, regional, and national summer programs for young musicians. These programs range from a focus on the beginner level players, looking to have fun while developing their musical skills, to high school musicians playing at an advanced level. Camps range from local, part-time summer experiences, to sleep away camps, and conservatory programs. Representatives from the summer programs will be available to speak with you, with brochures and pamphlets for you to bring home. This is a “fair” style event. Listed below are some of the participating camps from past fairs. They offer programs in band, chamber music, chorus, jazz, composition and conducting, musical theater, orchestra, rock band, voice, and wind ensemble, among other activities. This event is free and open to the public.

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