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Our warmest thanks to our Long-Term Sponsors and Season Benefactors. We would also like to thank the City of Norwalk and Mayor Harry Rilling. NYS is generously supported by the following individuals, corporations, foundations, and government funders who are vital to our mission.


long-term sponsors


Kathy and Arthur Armstrong

Linda and Iain Bruce

Karen and Stephen Campe

County Assemblies

Connecticut Office of the Arts

Todd and Nikola Freeman

The Heath Family

Jane Lee and Michael Seo

Victoria and Gary Hirsch

Elizabeth and Michael Lyons

Heidi and Matthew Meyers

Sayles & Maddocks Family Foundation

Debra and Adam Schussheim

Eva and Kent Scott

Watkins Family Foundation

season benefactors


Viking Global Foundation Capacity Building Program

MAESTRO ($10,000+)

Connecticut Humanities Grant

Tatiana and Chris Eades

Kimber Bascom

CT Office of the Arts - Supporting Arts in Place 

Jennifer and Mark Famous

Lingru and John Seel

Hye Young Suh and Joel Pitkin


Gary and Jennifer Constance

Jasna and Ivan Dolgov

Sayles and Maddocks Family Foundation

BENEFACTOR ($1,000+)

Arthur and Kathleen Armstrong

Elizabeth and Ian Boccaccio

Jonathan and Tina Bowman

CT office of the Arts -Endowment Fund

County Assemblies

Libby and Dick Cryer

Florencia Sague and Leandro Fazzioli

Jennifer and Jeff Hansen

Haynes Family Fund

Sungjoon Hong and Thomas Wong

Christina Hu and John wei

Dhivya Krishna and Vijay Prasad

Heidi and Matthew Meyers

The Razhanskiy Family

Sabina and Harlan Stone

Sawako and James Ward

Debra Yates

Davidson Kempner Capital Mgmt. Matching Program

PATRON ($500+)

Kate Blair-Dixon and Rene Peres

The Bly Family

The Ghuman Family

Mark Kaduboski and Beth Criswell

Girija and Girish Kamail

Helen and Sergei Lemberg

Toni Mariani and Carole Chinn

PepsiCo Foundation Matching Grant

Robert and Helena Russell

The Shifrin Family

Jenny Zhang

Viking Global Foundation Matching Gift Program

MUSICIAN ($250+)

The Arastu Family

Ritu Malik and Bharat Chelluboina

Apurva Bhatt

The Boehmer Family

Mara Cusker Gonzales

The Gruenbaum Family

Susan Hsieh

The Liu Family

Ronnie Popp

Ben Shin and Susie Lee

State Street Matching Program

Kristina and Peter Woods

DONOR ($100+)

The Baer Family

Douglas and Rosemary Belfiore

The Caratzas Family

Alissa Chan

Hongbo Chen

Joanne and Richard Cheng

Beth and Michael Dorfsman

FactSet Research Matching Grant

The Gao Family

Cheryl Greene and Madhavan Thirumalai

Jiaomei Gu and Long Zou

Mary Jo and Ronald Heath

Michael and Youjin Hekle

Sharon and Joshua Kesselman

James and Yingmei Lavin

Iria Lee and Sam Shum

Carol and Frank Loscalzo

Francesca Mellin

Tom Mulle and Caryn Frick

Carol Neumann

Mingbo Qin

Robert and Diane Russell

Eva and Kent Scott

The Stout Family Foundation

Yanling Zhao


Rob and Christiane Byrnes

Katherine Canning

Jean and Joseph Carr

Joy and Ken DeJaeger

Juan Carlos Gomar

Rachel Robinson Hahn

Megumi Kobayashi

Magdalen Livesey

David and Deborah Wismer

IBM Matching Grant


Brevard Music Center

Eastern Music Festival


Fairfield County Bank


LCB Senior Living Centers

Merrill Lynch

Mystic Seaport

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