Season Tickets will be issued for the November & March Concert only. A reduction in the price is reflected in the tuition numbers below.

Tickets for the Midori Concert on Saturday May 9th will go on sale this fall.

Orchestra Program

Principal Orchestra

Concert Orchestra

Philharmonia Strings

Philharmonia Winds


Total Cost

  • $900

  • $850

  • $800

  • $800

  • $800

Cost Breakdown

$750 Tuition + $25 (Snack Fee) + $25 (Music Fee) + $100 (4 season tickets)

$700 Tuition + $25 (Snack Fee) + $25 (Music Fee) + $100 (4 season tickets)

$650 Tuition + $25 (Snack Fee) + $25 (Music Fee) + $100 (4 season tickets)

$650 Tuition + $25 (Snack Fee) + $25 (Music Fee) + $100 (4 season tickets)

$650 Tuition + $25 (Snack Fee) + $25 (Music Fee) + $100 (4 season tickets)

Families with more than one member purchase only one set of season tickets.*


Payment Options

NYS offers two payment options:
Option I: Full payment at the first rehearsal.

Option II: Three equal payments due September 8th, October 15th, November15th.


A late fee of $35 will be accessed after November 15th.

Members who withdraw or become ineligible to participate in NYS will not receive a refund.

Please contact the office for scholarship applications and to discuss payment arrangements. Scholarship applications are due at the first rehearsal.


Brass Ensemble Tuition

NYS member $50 a concert period or $125 for the season

Non-NYS member $75 a concert period or $200 for the season



*There will be a convenience fee of 3% added to each credit card payment.* 


Click here to view the 2019-20 Scholarship Guidelines and Application.

Our Mission : It is our mission to provide high quality music education and experiences to students and families that is affordable and accessible. We fulfill this mission by providing need based financial aid for NYS orchestra, private lesson and chamber music tuition made available from local contributors and the Memorial and Ramer Funds. Financial assistance is available to all members of the orchestra regardless of age, ability or length of time of membership in the orchestra.


Our Financial Aid. In keeping with our commitment to providing high quality music education, we provide need based financial assistance through the following methods or any combination thereof.

  • Tuition grants for NYS orchestral tuition

  • Private music lesson grants

  • Ticket waiver (for minimum family ticket purchases)


Students whose families are at or below 250% of the federal guidelines may qualify for a full orchestra grant. Moreover, students whose families are above the 250% but at or below 400% of said guidelines may qualify for a partial orchestra grant. Partial or full orchestra grant students may also qualify for private lesson grants during the school year at approved private teaching studios. In addition to the federal guidelines, award of these grants is based on available family assets, monthly expenses, the student’s commitment to NYS and his/her instrument as well as the special considerations listed below. 


In awarding financial aid, special consideration will be given to unemployed and single parents. Moreover, special family circumstances including financial hardship due to medical need or disability, support of extended family, college tuition burdens and multiple family participants in NYS will also be considered. The student’s commitment to NYS and/or his/her music lessons will also be taken into consideration in determination of the awards. To this end, the scholarship committee may consult with either the student's private and/or public school teacher and will require progress reports from teachers before additional payments are made.

Volunteer Service Requirement for Aid Recipients. Financial award recipients must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours at NYS. Such service can be performed during rehearsal snack time, chaperoning concerts, at the boutique or other NYS events.

Financial Aid Application Review Process. Families requiring assistance must complete the NYS Financial Aid Form and return it at the first rehearsal or by September 12, 2019 to the NYS office, 71 East Avenue, Unit N, Norwalk, CT 06851. Such information will be reviewed by the financial aid committee made up of the NYS Chairman, Treasurer and Executive Director. Applicants may be required to supply additional information as deemed necessary by the committee. Applications may also be made during the year if family financial circumstances change. 


Merit scholarship for bassoon and French horn.

The Norwalk Youth Symphony is looking for talented musicians to play bassoon and French horn in its Principal Orchestra this season. If selected on the basis of an audition, NYS will provide one young musician on each instrument with a scholarship to the program, covering tuition and season tickets. The scholarship recipients are only responsible for the $25 music fee, and $25 snack fee. In addition to the Principal Orchestra, the musicians also must be willing to perform with the Concert Orchestra and the Philharmonia Winds, as necessary.

  • Scholarship covers costs of tuition and season tickets

  • Recipient is responsible for $25 music fee and $25 snack fee

  • Up to two awards given per season (one bassoon/one French horn)

  • Recipient must be willing to perform with other NYS ensembles as needed

For information about the 2019-20 Merit Scholarships, please contact Executive Director Sara Watkins at


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