February 07, 2020

To Concert Orchestra - INTEMPO Concert

The music for the INTEMPO concert will be distributed on Sunday, February 9th. Please take time to listen to the recordings of the three pieces.

January 30, 2020

To Prelude Musicians

Prelude Seating Auditions (Winter Concert):


Slavonic Dance:

Tempo markings:

measures 1-28: quarter note = 96;

measures 29-48: quarter note = 120;

measures 49-74: quarter note = 96

measures 75-end: quarter note = 120


Violin I: upbeat to m. 29-44

Violin II: upbeat to m. 29-44

Viola: m. 11-20; upbeat to m. 29-44

Cello: m. 11-20; upbeat to m. 29-44



Tempo marking:

Half note = 120


Violin I: m. 42-76; m. 123-130; m. 135-141; m. 153-end

Violin II: m. 55-72; m. 135-141; m. 153-end

Viola: m. 40-72; m. 135-141; m. 153-end

Cello: m. 40-72; m. 95-end



  • Record yourself using a metronome

  • Play all the dynamics, articulations, style,etc.

  • Make sure to count rests accurately

Pre-record yourself playing the excerpts at home. I prefer a video recording rather than just audio. Please upload the videos to a service such as Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and e-mail me the link. If you can’t get the video to work, you can send an audio recording by using voice memos/audio recorder on any mobile device. Email your links/files to to by Thursday February 6th. HAPPY PRACTICING!!


Dr. Rafael

December 06, 2019

To Prelude Musicians

Dear Prelude Members,


Congratulations on a great first concert of the season, and I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!


Please listen to the following recordings of the pieces for our March concert. The more you listen to them, the more familiar you will be with the works, which will make our rehearsals go much more smoothly.


The repertoire is:


- March from Suite No. 1 by G. Holst

- Slavonic Dance, by A. Dvorak

- Creatures, by Brian Balmages


You should already have the music for "Creatures", by B. Balmages. We played it for a few rehearsals during Fall, and we will perform it in the Winter Concert.


Best wishes,

Dr. Rafael

November 18, 2019

To Principal Orchestra

To Members of Principal Orchestra

Rehearsal Schedule for Tuesday, November 19

7-7:30 Fifth

7:30-7:50 Fourth

7:50-8:30 Third

8:35-9:20 Second

Rehearsal Schedule for Saturday, November 23

9:30 am Run full program

Followed by work on individual movements

Jonathan Yates

October 16, 2019

To Philharmonia Strings

To Philharmonia Strings,

Seating Auditions for November Concert

Hungarian Rhapsody

1-32 – Quarter note = 80

33-79 – Quarter note = 88 80-end – Quarter note = 152


Violin 1 - 21-32 and 57-79

Violin 2 - 57-103

Viola - 13-33 and 131-end

Cello - 1-11 and 33-66

Adagio For Strings

Quarter note = 84


Violin 1 – 24-50

Violin 2 – 16-50

Viola - 16-50

Cello – 16-50


Quarter note = 142


All Instruments – F to the end



  • Record yourself using a metronome

  • Play all the dynamics, articulations, style,etc.

  • Make sure to count rests accurately

Pre-record yourself playing the excerpts at home. My strong preference is a video recording rather than an audio recording. Video files are usually too large to send in an email and instead need to be sent by Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. If you can’t get the video to work, you can send an audio recording by using voice memos on any apple device. Email your finished excerpts to by Thursday October 24th. HAPPY PRACTICING!!

Mrs. Mac

October 10, 2019

To Prelude Musicians

Dear Prelude Families,


Please listen to the recordings below -- they are the pieces that we will perform in the upcoming concert. Be sure to notice what your instruments are playing and what the other instruments are playing, too (follow the music with your part in front of you).


We will only be preforming these 3 selections: Momentum, Dance of the Tumblers, and Themes from the Nutcracker. The other pieces are out of this concert -- please focus on these 3 pieces. I'll have the seating audition information available in the next few weeks.


Best wishes,

Dr. Rafael

September 23, 2019

Phil winds

Dear Philharmonia Orchestral Winds Musicians,

Congratulations on a great rehearsal yesterday. I am very pleased by your spirit and hard work so far. However, we should not be satisfied yet because we have a long ways to go. 

Throughout the week, please be sure look at the sections of music we chose at the end of rehearsal. We will focus on letter E to the end of Air for Band and measure 88 to the end of Visigoths next Sunday. 

Also, please make sure you are warmed up and ready to play this Sunday promptly at 2:45.

Doing these two things will help us reach our fullest potential. It’s been a great pleasure working with you so far and I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

Best wishes,
Mr. Zhou

September 06, 2019

To Philharmonia Strings

Welcome to Philharmonia Strings!!  Congratulations on a wonderful audition!  I am looking forward to a wonderful year together.  In preparation for our first rehearsal on Sunday, please listen to each of our three pieces at least a few times.  The more familiar you are with how to pieces sound, the more successful you will be in the first rehearsal.  I look forward to working with all of you on Sunday!




Mrs. McNamara

Leyden - Serenade for Strings Mvt 3 Nocturne (Just Nocturne Movement - starts at 4'17")


Liszt/Gruselle - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 9


Please reload

Haydn/Dackow Symphony No. 25
Dance of the Tumblers.mp3
00:00 / 02:48
00:00 / 05:55
Themes from the Nutcracker.mp3
00:00 / 02:47
March from Suite No. 1 by G. Holst.mp3Holst
00:00 / 02:53
Slavonic Dance Op 46 No 3, by A. Dvorak.Dvorak
00:00 / 02:11
Creatures, by Brian Balmages.mp3Balmages
00:00 / 02:10
Tico Tico
Agua de beber

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